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Roxanne Lafleur

Survival/Survie (prototype)

Survival/Survie (prototype). 2011.

Here, There

Here, There. 2016.

Artist's Statement

I have always been intrigued by the juxtaposition of text and images, and by the surrendering nature of the book to its reader. My visual artwork, mostly made on paper, focuses on the fundamental questions surrounding our humanity, life and death through themes, such as survival and belonging. The honesty of drawing lends itself well to the exploration and the sensitivity of these themes; as does the investigative quality of photography to tell a story. By nature, books can be handled and provide a greater level of intimacy with its content. In 2011, I started creating books, their content and binding, to explore a related theme, vulnerability. What I didn’t expect to be investigating by making books, including writing and creating images, is the nature of the narrative itself. I don’t consider myself a bookbinder, nor am I an expert in the book arts, but I do use the book form as a medium.

I have been a CBBAG member for the past four years, and in that time have not only attended numerous workshops and participated in activities and events, but have also volunteered as an executive member, an exhibition coordinator, a webmaster, and more for the Ottawa Valley Chapter. I do it because I believe in its mandate to promote the book arts in our digital age, but also because of the people involved.

Roxanne Lafleur
Ottawa, ON