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Rebecca Cowan

#5 Balsam Crescent

#5 Balsam Crescent. 2016.

The Sea

The Sea. 2015.

Flight Risk

Flight Risk. 2007.

Artist's Statement

I entered into the world of book arts through my practice as a printmaker. In 1992, I created a suite of nine, small, black and white etchings on the theme of parenthood. Although the prints worked individually, I wanted viewers to see the entire series at once. Thus my first accordion book was born. Not long after, I was teaching an etching class. I had a long skinny plate that I sectioned off to demonstrate various etching processes. By the end of the workshop, I had created not just a compendium of etching technique, but a story about Spring. Printed, folded and covered with Japanese paper, that my second book. Since then, I have created many books, big and small, with text and without text, that explore the things that make us who we are. I am both happy and a little sad to admit that over the last twenty years, my books have travelled much more than I have.  Last winter I was extremely proud to find out that “Flight Risk” would be included in the 7th International Biennale for the Artist's Book at the New Library of Alexandria (or Bibliotheca Alexandrina) in Egypt.

Rebecca Cowan
Kingston, ON