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Mary McIntyre

Springback Binding

Springback Binding. 2008.

Historic Sewing Sampler and Paper Case

Historic Sewing Sampler. 2006.

Historic Sewing Sampler and Paper Case

Paper Case. 2006.

Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors. 2009.

About the Artist

Mary McIntyre has been working with books in libraries since university graduation.  She called together local CBBAG members in 2006 to test the waters on establishing an Ottawa-based group of people with similar interests; this celebration of the Chapter’s ten year anniversary is the result.  Mary works in books conservation and the preservation management of book collections.

She enjoys teaching, both CBBAG Core Courses as well as various other book structures, and served as President of CBBAG from 2011-2016.  Her main interest in building books is the construction of historical models to contribute to her knowledge of bookbinding history and to inform conservation decisions.

Mary McIntyre