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Madeleine Rousseau

The Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse. 2014.

Hommage au sac de papier (Celebrating the Paper Bag)

Hommage au sac de papier (Celebrating the Paper Bag). 2013.

A good book and a warm sweater

A good book and a warm sweater. 2015.

About the Artist

Madeleine Rousseau finds that book arts is such an integrative and inclusive artform, as it allows the artist to embrace printmaking, letterpress, papermaking, calligraphy and textile art and take it to become a 3D sculptural object that can also be functional. As a late-bloomer, Madeleine is on the steep part of the learning curve, and she discovers with continued amazement that the creative Haha moment reveals itself once she lets go and trusts the process.

Madeleine Rousseau
Ottawa, ON
Madeleine Rousseau