The Abecedarium for the Makers of Artist’s Books



The Abecedarium for the Makers of Artist’s Books


Trottier, Nancy Anderson




Hardcover side stitched book and slipcase, cloth covered; letterpress printed text, inkjet printed images, mixed media on Montegue White Writing Stock. Overall dimensions: 15.7 x 12.2 x 3.7 cm [height x width x depth]. Edition of 26.


A slipcase covered in cloth, letterpress printed labels with the title of the book and the artists’ name. The hardcover side stitched book has the same cloth cover and label as the slipcase. The mixed media pages contain letterpress printed text on 100% Rag Montegue White Writing Stock with full colour inkjet printed images, tactile sample additions, wax stamps and Chinese chop seal prints. 10th in an edition of 26 (with 4 proof copies). This edition was intended to be a tactile introduction to the materials and concepts related to the making of artist’s books. One copy from this edition was accepted into The Sheffield International Book Prize 2013 operated by Bank Street Arts, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.


Copyright © Nancy Anderson Trottier

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