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Diane Parkin


Envelop/per. 2016

Charity Box

Charity Box. 2010.

Bobbi's Book

Bobb's Book. 2013.

Artist's Statement

I fell in love with book arts the summer of 2001 when I took a course from Don Taylor in Haliburton. We learned the basics: parts of a book, how they are bound--the language of bookbinders; different kinds of glues and pastes and how to make them; types of paper, properties, grain, and how to make bookcloth. We also learned some very important rules which I have kept close to my heart ever since: always keep the head of the book to the left and always tamp and even the pages towards the head; keep all your surfaces clean and tidy; when glueing start at the centre, work out to the edges, spread glue out twice. 

There were so many things we got a taste of then, I still can't get enough. It seems there's always more to learn and our group, CBBAG-OV, has enough "experts" to be able to continue offering its own classes and courses right here in Ottawa.

Recently retired, I look forward to playing with the large variety of papers from my wonderful collection, and creating new works to enjoy.

Diane Parkin, CBBAG member
Ottawa ON