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Charlotte Gunn

Travel Journal

Travel Journal. 2016.

Sakura Journal

Sakura Journal. 2016.

Edgar Allan Poe Book Sculpture

Edgar Allan Poe Book Sculpture. 2016.

Artist's Statement

I have always loved art and literature, so I decided to seek out a new medium that would combine my two passions. This year [2016] I had the opportunity to attend a CBBAG Ottawa Valley Chapter meeting and from then on I started experimenting with and learning about bookbinding techniques and materials.

I find it fascinating to be able to use techniques and methods that have been passed down over hundreds of years of binding and to discover new ways to bind pages together. I started practicing with coptic stitch binding and once I had that learned I incorporated french link binding and long stitch binding into my repertoire. I have created handmade books, journals and book sculptures.

Charlotte Gunn
Smiths Falls, ON