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Paper Decoration / Décoration de papiers


Paper that has been hand-decorated, including marbled paper, paste paper, stamped paper, etc. Papiers décorés à la main, comprenant le papier marbré,…

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Calligraphy / Calligraphie


The lettering arts, particularly the creation of beautiful, elegant letters or flourishes by hand with a pen, either in unjointed characters or in…

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Boxmaking / Fabrication de boîtes


In the book arts tradition, boxes or enclosures are often created to store, protect and sometimes display books. Dans la tradition des arts du livre,…

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Fine Printing / Impression de luxe


The fine craft of printmaking, whether images or text. The special techniques of preparation or transfer include letterpress printing, typography,…

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Papermaking / Fabrication de papiers


The art of making a sheet or web from matted and felted fibers, mostly vegetable, often with the addition of sizing, filler, and coloring…

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Fine Bookbinding / Reliure d'art


The design and fine craft of securing leaves or gatherings, usually within covers, in a codex form, whether traditional, contemporary, or innovative…

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Artists' Books / Livres d'artistes


Books, whether unique items or multiples, made or conceived by artists, including all book structures, altered books, wearable books, game boards,…

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