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At the Ottawa Valley Chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG), we’re all about books and the book arts. Our aim is to create a spirit of community among bookbinders and book artists and the wider book community. Through workshops and exhibitions, we enhance the public’s awareness of the book arts and encourage excellence in bookbinding and the book arts. Our organization is entirely run by volunteers. 

This project was created to commemorate our 10th anniversary in 2016, to promote the book arts and reach different audiences. It features works created by some of its members and friends, new and old, novice and experienced. The basic Omeka.net web publishing platform was chosen as it suited our immediate needs for this exercise. It offers the means to systematically identify works (Items/unités), to sort them in broad book arts categories (Collections), to link them by tags in both French and English, and to contextualize them in exhibits. The first online exhibit, Pages, surveys the works of the wide range of people who make up CBBAG-OV, and provides insight into the book arts’ growing popularity, thanks in part to the web. 

The site features all that may pertain to the study and practice of bookmaking, traditional and innovative, as a whole or in part, including its content, and goes so far as to include book objects, whether altered or physically referenced books. We hope to build upon its humble beginning by adding more works to the database, organize exhibits, and provide resources. If you are interested in contributing to this project, by submitting works, essays, information, or by curating an exhibit, please contact us at cbbagottawa@cbbag.ca. We accept content in either or both French and English.

Our thanks to those who generously contributed their work, and to Roxanne Lafleur, with the assistance of Charlotte Gunn, for making this project a reality.